Just another mum rant? 

I love reading about how another mum has barely held on to her sanity as her beautiful, and very much loved children drive her to distraction/despair or in some cases depression. Not because I enjoy another person’s suffering, don’t get me wrong. I mean, I love to realise time and time again, that I am not the only mother or indeed father out there, who is barely hanging on by a thread. That others understand the utter lunacy of parenthood, and even though they don’t come with a handbook, children sure enable us to write a great deal of them!
Social networking, mum orientated web sites, and the internet in general have enabled us all to gain a lot more understanding of what makes our children tick, or not in some cases! However, no matter how many books you read, classes or courses you take, I’ve yet to meet any parent who’s perfect, has perfect children, or who hasn’t had one of those ‘ omg did I just do/say that in public’ days!

I’m Paula btw, I’m 38….. I have a wonderful husband who provides for me and our beautiful, talented, slightly odd and maybe nuts children, all four of them.

There’s my eldest daughter Jessi (16), Chloe (12) my middle girl. Aidan (5) my one and only boy, and my bonus baby Lilly (4). All with their own unique personalities, and skills!

At this moment in time, Jessi is a helpful, hard working, thoughtful, lazy, selfish, and chatty teen! Yes….. A contradiction…. But that’s what she is. One moment she is up and out of bed by 6am ready to head to work, but the next I’m dragging her out of bed through the mountain of ‘stuff’ which accumulates in the night via imps,gnomes, and Bogart’s ( not her) to get her up for school at 8am!

Chloe … Oh my beautiful Chloe, she is going to be hard work, but no doubt a successful one if we can do it! Chloe has the social maturity of a 9/10 year old, who hates make up, loves boys, hates skirts, loves dragons and wolves and drawing, still barks like a puppy dog while crawling on the floor, yet goes to school with peers who are the complete and utter opposite! The constant inward struggle for her is hard to watch.

Aidan, well they say men are from Mars and women are from Venus…. Yes they certainly are, my son proves this lol. Surrounded by females you’d think my little boy would love playing with dolls, wearing make up, being dainty….. Er NO! He is without a doubt as manly, male, gruff, loud, strong, butch, masculine to a T! He is a lad. Loves cars, bikes, boobs, jokes, football, rough and tumble. Now don’t think these aren’t female qualities. They are, I just mean to express he’s not been Influenced by his female siblings…..
Lilly, my bonus baby, born early, tiny even now, but boy does she have a big personality. A little lady who knows what she wants, when she wants it and why didn’t she get it yesterday attitude. A shy but loud little girl. Recently gone from cute to badass tantrum queen. How the days drag with naughty step visits, threats of you extractions, and general blackmail of lovely things if only she would stop whining or screaming for five mins.
Btw, did I mention I’m now into the second of eight weeks of school holidays!